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Please note we no longer serve the Buffet or Dim Sum.

Note on Take aways:
We will do our best to serve every order, however during peak times when we reach capacity, we may not be able to take any more orders (by phone, online or Uber) for a period of time and we apologise for any inconvience caused.

Note on Delivery:

Due to industry shortage of drivers, we may not be able to deliver ourselves, so please use Uber Eats when delivery is switch off on our app,

Notes on Dining In:
Our 'Dining in' Menu will have additional items, which will appear via QR code in the restaurant.

For the time being our menus are only digital, which can be viewed safely on you own device.. 

We are happy to assist you with ordering if you need help with our digital menus.


More Infomation:
For information regarding 'Dining In' please click here

If you have any other questions regarding our services then please click on the information tab or contact us by phone or by our contact form