Due to Covid 19 there have been some changes in the way we do things. So for the time being, we will try as much as possible to minimise face to face contact in order to keep everyone safe. We hope you appreciate the changes we made to keep people safe whilst dining in confined spaces. For more details about our safety measures click here.

  • We kindly ask that Face coverings are to be worn when you are not seated at your table
  • We kindly ask you excerise Social Distancing

When can we dine in?

See our dining in hours

Can I have a hard copy menu?

Only digital menus for now,.

How do I order or ask for assistance?

There is a QR code on your table. 

Can I order or ask for help in person?

Yes. We are based in designated (screened) areas, by the bar and reception.

Do I have to pay as I order?

Yes, all orders are 'pending' until payment has been made.

Do we charge service charge?

No. We are grateful for any tips you leave and it will be shared with everyone involved in p­reparing and serving your meal, via a tronc system.