For a Sunday treat, for a fixed price of £20.95 per person, £10.50 for children under 1.4m). (minimum 2 adults). There is no service charge to be added!
(July Introductory offer has now expired). 

This is how it will work.

Everyone on your table has to have this same menu.
You can order up to 5 items per course from the 'Fixed price' menu.
Your dishes will be cooked fresh and served to your table; portion sizes will be adjusted according to the number of people in your party.

Tip: order less dishes if you want to reorder another course
Subsequently you may re-order the same or a different selection (up to 5 dishes) after you have consumed the previous dishes on your table.
The key thing is finishing your food before ordering, so we suggest ordering less dishes if you want another course.
Please do not waste food and Sorry No Doggy Bags!!

Click here for 'All you can eat A la Carte' menu



  • Select up to a maximum of 5 dishes for each course.
  • Minimum 2 adults
  • Each group table will have to order from the same menu.
  • Any dishes other than this menu will be a side order.
  • The order of additional dishes will be served only when the food on the table is eaten.
  • Unfinished food unfortunately cannot be taken away with you.
  • All dishes are subjected to availability.