Important Prices are different on Mother's day 11/3/18.


Mother's day is an important day for many families and many like to celebrate this with a meal with their mums.  

To be able to give your Mother a chance have a meal with us, we have extended our Sunday opening hours, and the Sunday buffet will be served 12noon to 9pm

We will run bookings in 2 hour blocks, therefore there is an allowance of 2 hours maximum on this special day.

Extra buffet dishes and another crispy duck section will be provided to give more variety and to reduce queues.

To book your place please specify which block you would like to reserve. 

Spaces are limited and large bookings may require a deposit to secure tables.

      Over 16s or over 150cm Under 150cm  90-100cm  
Sunday 12pm to 9pm   £16.95 £8.50 £4.25