For take aways deduct 20% of these prices (excludes Dim sum and set banquets)

 Some of the dishes below can be made for vegans which are noted with (VE) below 


25 Crispy seaweed (v) (VE) £4.25
e4 Edamame (v) (VE) £3.95
28 Vegetarian spring rolls (v) (VE) £4.75
16v Vegetable dumplings (gyosa) £5.50

SOUP (vegetarian versions available)


Sweetcorn (v)




Vegetarian Hot & Sour (s,v)



served with hoi sin, cucumbers and spring onions

43 Mix Vegetable with Lettuce wraps (v)  £9.50
new Sichuan aromatic Veggie Duck with pancakes (v) (VE) £9.50

Chef specials

  Tong choi with garlic (VE) £8.95


120 Monk's mixed vegetables with tofu (v) £7.50
121 Seasonal choi sum in vegetable oyster sauce (v) or garlic (v) (VE) £7.50
122 Fine beans with cashew nut (v) £7.50
123 Mix vegetables in light soyabean sauce (v) (VE) £6.95
124 Sweet & Sour vegetables and veggie duck (v)   £6.95
new Sweet and sour Tofu (v) £7.25
126 Sweet chilli mange touts with tofu & cashew nuts (v)(s) £7.95
127 Aubergine with black bean (v)(s) (VE)  £7.75
128 Aubergine with hot garlic sauce (s)   £7.75
129 Curry mix vegetables (v)(s)  £7.25
130 'Kun Po' Tofu with water chestnuts (v)(s) (VE)  £7.50
131 Tofu with black bean sauce (v)(s) (VE)  £7.50
132 Beansprouts with mange tout (VE) £6.50
133 Sichuan mixed vegetables or aubergine (v)(s) (VE)  £7.25
e12 Kung Po mix vegetables (v)(s) (VE) £7.50
125 'Chi yim' mix vegetables (s) £8.50
 new Honey chilli tofu (s)  £7.75
new Vegetarian Ma Po tofu with veggie duck (s) £8.95


140 Steamed rice (v) (VE) £3.25
141 Egg fried rice (v) £3.95
142 Mix vegetable fried rice (v) (VE) £5.50
 new Pineapple fried rice (v) (VE) £5.50
 new  Veggie Singapore fried rice (v,s) £6.25
148 Mushroom fried rice (v) (VE) £5.50


149 Mushroom chow mein (v) (VE) £8.25
150 Mixed vegetable chow mein (v) (VE) £8.25
151 Chow mein with beansprouts (v) (VE) £6.25
156 Vegetarian Singapore rice noodles (v)(s) £8.50
157 Vegetable Pad Thai (s) (no fish sauce in vegetarian option available) £9.95
 new  Monks mix vegetables with Hofun or crispy noodles £10.25

20% off prices for Take aways

(v) = vegetarian

(s) = spicy, we can reduce spice on certain dishes

(VE) = vegan option available - please state when ordering

S/P= seasonal price

Please notify us if you have any food allergies and please note dishes may contain traces of nut.

Prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate

A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to your bill.

Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.