House platter (min 2 people) 
 barbecue spare ribs, satay chicken skewers, seaweed, Japanese king prawns, spring rolls, sesame prawn toast

£8.50 per person

Vegetarian platter (min 2 people) (v)
 satay veggie duck skewers, seaweed, spring rolls, chi yim tofu, samosa, vegetable dumpling 

£7.95 per person
  Chi Yim is a popular spicy dry dish; salt, pepper, garlic, chilli, caspsicums, scallions   
5L Large Chi Yim salt and chilli King Prawns (s) £10.25
5S Small Chi Yim salt and chilli King Prawns (s) £7.25
6L Large Chi Yim salt and chilli  Squid (s) £10.25
6S Small Chi Yim salt and chilli Squid (s) £7.25
8A Chi Yim salt and chilli Chicken pieces (s) £8.25 
  Chi Yim Tofu (s) £7.50
  3 sticks of Satay Skewers served with our special peanut satay sauce  
10 Satay King Prawn skewers £6.25
11 Satay Chicken skewers
  Meaty Pork spare ribs have been slowed cooked and comes with 3 different flavours:  
20 Peking spare ribs in barbecue sauce (3 ribs) £5.50
21 Dry spicy ribs (3 ribs) (s) £5.75
22 Honey chilli ribs (spicy) (3 ribs) (s) £5.75
25 Crispy seaweed (v) £4.25
e4 Edamame (v) £3.95
  Smoked chicken and seaweed £6.75
  Pork War tip dumplings (gyosa) £5.95
  Chicken War tip dumplings (gyosa) £5.50
  Prawn War tip dumplings (gyosa) £5.95
  Duck War tip dumplings (gyosa) £5.95
  Vegetable War tip dumplings (gyosa) (v) £5.50
28 Vegetarian spring rolls (v) £4.75
29 Sesame Prawn Toast £5.25
30 King prawns in Japanese breadcrumb £5.25
31 Scallops - 3 pieces steamed with garlic or black bean sauce (s) £11.95
61 2 x Mini soft shell crab 'chi yim' spicy dry (s)  £11.95