49 Sizzling mix seafood - scallops, king prawns, mussels, squid in black bean sauce (s) £12.95
55 Whole Seabass steamed with spring onion or black bean sauce (s) - (please allow extra 30mins) S/P
56 Lobster with spring onion or black bean (s) or dry garlic and peppercorn salt (s) S/P
60 Sweet & Sour King Prawns Cantonese style £10.25
62 'Kun Po' King Prawns Peking style (s) £10.25
63 Honey Chilli King Prawns (s) £10.95
65 'War' Butterfly King Prawns with spicy garlic, shao shing and red vinegar sauce (s) £10.95
59 'Sen Yu' King prawns - steamed with garlic and spring onions and soya sauce £10.95
e8 King Prawns in black bean sauce (s) £10.25
e18 Sichuan King prawns (s) £10.25
78k Curry King Prawns (s) £10.25