New Dishes
Slow cooked and Roasted Belly Pork with mustard greens 梅菜扣肉 £13.50
Slow cooked Beef brisket with wonton noodle soup  £13.50
Slow cooked beef brisket hot pot 牛腩 £13.50
Home style tofu hot pot (vegetarian) 家常豆腐煲 £12.50
Pe Pa Tofu, mashed tofu balls with seafood in oyster sauce 琵琶豆腐



3 treasures  煎釀三

Aubergine with minced pork chop in spicy sichuan sauce 茄子炒肉 £10.50
Aubergine with vegetarian duck in spicy sichuan sauce  £10.50
Hunan Chilli chicken (s) 辣子雞 £10.95
Hunan chilli aubergine (dry and very spicy) 辣子茄子 £10.50
Diced chicken and salted fish fried rice 雞飯 £10.50
Steamed egg 蒸水蛋 £7.50
Seabass with peppers, chilli and garlic sauce 椒鲈鱼 £23.00
Prawn cake with seasonal mix vegetables 虾饼时 £12.95

Fine beans with minced pork chop 四季豆炒肉


Fish slices in Sichuan spicy broth (s) 水煮



Beef slices in Sichuan spicy broth (s) 水煮牛肉



Crispy Roasted belly pork  肉 ( limited and only on weekends or special order )


Belly Pork with tofu and glass noodles 粉丝肉豆腐


Lamb Flank casserole hotpot  


Hong Kong Style Seabass with mix meat topping 古法鲈鱼


Beansprouts with salted fish 


Chinese veg 时蔬小炒 


Broccolli , enoki mushroom with crab meat 西兰花冬菇扒蟹肉


Gon Jin tiger prawns 干煎有头大虾  


Scallops with asparagus 鲜芦笋炒虾球带子   


Pig trotters 南乳猪脚


Scallops with butterfly prawns 虾球盘带子

Lobster with ginger and spring onion 姜葱龙虾  £36.8


Special order dishes 

Turbot, Dover Sole, eel cook in various styles and sauces

 For take aways deduct 20% of these prices, excludes Dim sum and set banquets
(v) = vegetarian

(s) = spicy, we can reduce spice on certain dishes

S/P= seasonal price

Please notify us if you have any food allergies and please note dishes may contain traces of nut.

Prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate

A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to your bill.

Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.