Please note that we can no longer provide 100% gluten free dishes which have been deep fried in our deep fat fryers 
Therefore many crispy starter items including prawn crackers have been deep fried in oil which MAY have had fried produce containing gluten.

We are still able to provide gluten free dishes from the list below; which are stir fried in our woks.
Whilst ordering please state 'Gluten free' for every single dish so our team are aware whilst taking your order.


Gluten free (GF)

ALWAYS ADVISE us if you want any dishes below made Gluten Free

  Chicken lettuce wrap £9.95
  Edamame beans (v) £3.95
  Mix vegetable lettuce wrap (v) £8.95
  Scallops with garlic and spring onion £11.95
  Sweetcorn soup (v) £3.95
  Chicken and sweetcorn soup £4.25
  Crabmeat and sweetcorn soup £4.95
  Chicken and mushroom soup $4.50
  Mussels in black bean sauce £8.95
  Whole seabass with ginger and spring onion  S/P
  Whole seabass with black bean sauce S/P
  King prawns with cashewnut £11,95
  Sizzling mix seafood in black bean sauce £11.95
  'Sen Yu' king prawns with garlic £10.95
  Chicken with black bean sauce £7.95
  Chicken with five spice sauce £8.25
  Chicken and mushroom £8.25
  Chicken with cashewnut £8.50
  Beef and mushroom £8.75
  Beef in blackbean sauce £8.75
  Beef with ginger and spring onion sauce £8.75
  Beef in black pepper sauce £8.95
  Lamb with ginger and spring onion sauce £8.95
  Lamb with black pepper sauce £8.95
  Lamb with blackbean sauce £8.95
  Monk's mix vegetables £7.50
  Mix vegetables £6.95
  Aubergine in black bean sauce £7.75
  Beansprout with mange tout £6.50
  Pak choi or choi sum with garlic sauce £7.50
  Ung Choi with garlic £8.95
  Steamed rice £2.75
  Egg fried rice £3.50
  Special fried rice £5.75
  Chicken fried rice £5.50
  King Prawn fried rice  £7.50
  Chicken and pineapple rice


  Kam Tong 'Special mix' £10.50
  Singapore vermicelli £8.95
  Vegetable vermicelli £8.25
  Kam Tong 'Special Mix' vermicelli £10.95


If you don't find anything you like please let us know what you like. We recommend looking for dishes that you like on our a la carte menu and we will check to see if they can be prepared gluten free.