Dim sum is lighter than the average Chinese dish, which makes it great for those with smaller appetites or you could order these as an appetiser. 


1 Har Gau Prawn dumplings 虾饺  
2 Pork & prawn  sui mai  魚籽烧卖  
  Chicken sui mai
  Beef sui ma
4 Prawn Tofu rolls


6 Char sui Pork buns 叉燒包  
  Chicken buns  
10 Scallop & prawn sui mai 帶子烧卖  
13 Pork and nut dumpling 潮洲粉果  


Shanghai dumpling (pork)




15 Paper wrapped prawns 紙包蝦  
16 Cuttlefish cakes 墨魚餅  
19 Duck rolls 香鴨卷  
21 Vegetable tofu rolls (v) 素腐皮卷  
22 Calamari frites 炸魷魚  

Rice Pots and chinese favourites

40 Chicken feet & spare ribs rice pot 鳳爪骨饭  
42 Spare ribs rice pot 排骨饭  
50 Chicken feet in black bean 鳳爪  
51 Spare ribs in black bean 排骨  
53 Glutinous Rice wrapped in lotus leaf 糯米鸡  


11 Custard bun (v) 奶皇包  
20 Fried custard bun (v) 炸奶皇包  
  Malaysian Sponge cake 馬拉榚  
  Lotus seed bun

Cheung Fun

30 Pork 叉燒  
31 Plain (v)  
33 Fried Dough stick (v) 炸兩  
34 Prawn  
35 House Mix 混合  

(v) = vegetarian

(s) = spicy, we can reduce spice on certain dishes

Please note dishes may contain traces of nut. Prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate. Prices may be subject to change without prior notice. Discretionery 10% Service charge will be added. There is no discount on dimsum items for take aways. Food is made in a kitchen where allergens are present so we can not guarantee our food is free from any allergens. Please let us know if you have any allergies or food intolerances.

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