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Please note during busy peak hours in this festive season will we not be able to fulfil all our deliveries on demand. We do offer a collection service from our restaurant. 


Gluten free (GF)


ALWAYS ADVISE us if you want any dishes below made Gluten Free

  Chicken lettuce wrap £10.50
  Edamame beans (v) £4.25
  Mix vegetable lettuce wrap (v) £9.95
  Sweetcorn soup (v) £3.95
  Chicken and sweetcorn soup £4.50
  Crabmeat and sweetcorn soup £5.25
  Chicken and mushroom soup £4.50
  Whole seabass with ginger and spring onion  S/P
  Whole seabass with black bean sauce S/P
  King prawns with cashewnut £10,50
  Sizzling mix seafood in black bean sauce £12.95
  'Sen Yu' king prawns with garlic £10.95
  Chicken with black bean sauce £8.75
  Chicken with five spice sauce £8.75
  Chicken and mushroom £8.75
  Chicken with cashewnut £8.95
  Beef and mushroom £8.95
  Beef in blackbean sauce £8.95
  Beef with ginger and spring onion sauce £8.95
  Beef in black pepper sauce £8.95
  Lamb with ginger and spring onion sauce £9.50
  Lamb with black pepper sauce £9.50
  Lamb with blackbean sauce £9.50
  Monk's mix vegetables £7.95
  Mix vegetables £7.25
  Aubergine in black bean sauce £8.25
  Beansprout with mange tout £6.50
  Pak choi or choi sum with garlic sauce £7.95
  Ung Choi with garlic £8.95
  Steamed rice £3.95
  Egg fried rice £4.75
  Special fried rice £6.50
  Chicken fried rice £6.25
  King Prawn fried rice  £7.50
  Chicken and pineapple rice


  Kam Tong 'Special mix' £11.50
  Singapore vermicelli


  Vegetable vermicelli £8.95
  Kam Tong 'Special Mix' vermicelli £11.95