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Allergy notice

Please note any items which are deep fried in our deep fat fryers may contain residues from ANY ONE of the 14 allergens in the oil.

For example we deep fry our sesame prawn toast and therefore sesame seeds, crustaceans, milk, eggs, soya, and cereals containing gluten may still be present in the oil. 

Due to the nature of our cooking and frying we cannot guarantee our food is 100% free from these allergens and therefore we would prefer that you choose items which are cooked individually in the wok, i.e. stir frys or steamed in our steamers. For a list of items which are deep fried please click here.


1 Seafood platter (min 2 people)
 chi yim squid, mussels in black bean, seaweed, spring rolls, satay king prawn skewers, sesame prawn toast
£8.95 per person

House platter (min 2 people) 
 barbecue spare ribs, satay chicken skewers, seaweed, Japanese king prawns, spring rolls, sesame prawn toast

£8.50 per person

Vegetarian platter (min 2 people) (v)
 satay veggie duck skewers, seaweed, spring rolls, chi yim tofu, samosa, vegetable dumpling 

£7.95 per person

Dim sum platter (min 2 people)
 popular selection of 5 items person    

£7.95 per person
  Chi Yim is a popular spicy dry dish; salt, pepper, garlic, chilli, caspsicums, scallions   
5L Large Chi Yim salt and chilli King Prawns (s) £10.25
5S Small Chi Yim salt and chilli King Prawns (s) £7.25
6L Large Chi Yim salt and chilli  Squid (s) £10.25
6S Small Chi Yim salt and chilli Squid (s) £7.25
8 Chi Yim salt and chilli Chicken wings (s) £8.25
8A Chi Yim salt and chilli Chicken pieces (s) £8.25 
  Chi Yim Tofu (s) £7.50
  Chips (s) £4.95
  3 sticks of Satay Skewers served with our special peanut satay sauce  
10 Satay King Prawn skewers £6.25
new  Satay Tofu skewers (v) £4.95
11 Satay Chicken skewers
12 Satay Vegetarian Duck skewers (vegetarian) £4.95
  Meaty Pork spare ribs have been slowed cooked and comes with 3 different flavours:  
20 Peking spare ribs in barbecue sauce (3 ribs)


21 Dry spicy ribs (3 ribs) (s) £5.75
22 Honey chilli ribs (spicy) (3 ribs) (s) £5.75
25 Crispy seaweed (v) £4.25
e4 Edamame (v) £3.95
  Smoked chicken and seaweed £6.75
  Pork War tip dumplings (gyosa) £5.95
  Chicken War tip dumplings (gyosa) £5.50
  Prawn War tip dumplings (gyosa) £5.95
  Duck War tip dumplings (gyosa) £5.95
  Vegetable War tip dumplings (gyosa) (v) £5.50
28 Vegetarian spring rolls (v) £4.75
29 Sesame Prawn Toast £5.25
30 King prawns in Japanese breadcrumb £5.25
31 Scallops - 3 pieces steamed with garlic or black bean sauce (s) £11.95
61 2 x Mini soft shell crab 'chi yim' spicy dry (s)  £11.95

SOUP (vegetarian versions available)


Sweetcorn with Chicken
Sweetcorn (v)


36 Sweetcorn with Crab meat  £4.95
37 Won-Ton noodle £5.25

Hot & Sour  (s)
Vegetarian Hot & Sour (s,v)



served with hoi sin, cucumbers and spring onions

40Q 1/4 Sichuan Aromatic Duck with pancakes (steamed for 4 hours then, deep fried for crispiness) £10.95
40H 1/2 Sichuan Aromatic Duck with pancakes  (steamed for 4 hours then, deep fried for crispiness) £19.95
40W Whole Sichuan Aromatic Duck with pancakes  (steamed for 4 hours then, deep fried for crispiness) £36.95
41 Mongolian Lamb with pancakes £10.95
 42 Mu suk Chicken with lettuce wraps £10.50 
43 Mix Vegetable with Lettuce wraps (v)  £9.50
new Sichuan aromatic Veggie Duck with pancakes (v) £9.50


49 Sizzling mix seafood - scallops, king prawns, mussels, squid in black bean sauce (s) £11.95
55 Whole Seabass steamed with spring onion or black bean sauce (s) - (please allow extra 30mins) S/P
56 Lobster with spring onion or black bean (s) or dry garlic and peppercorn salt (s) S/P
57 Steamed Scallops, 3 pieces with garlic or black bean sauce (s) £11.95
60 Sweet & Sour King Prawns Cantonese style £9.75
62 'Kun Po' King Prawns Peking style (s) £9.75
63 Honey Chilli King Prawns (s) £10.75
65 'War' Butterfly King Prawns with spicy garlic, shao shing and red vinegar sauce (s) £10.95
59 'Sen Yu' King prawns - steamed with garlic and spring onions and soya sauce £10.95
e8 King Prawns in black bean sauce (s) £9.75
e18 Sichuan King prawns (s) £9.75
78k Curry King Prawns (s) £9.75


70 Lemon chicken £8.25
71 Sweet and sour Chicken  £8.25
72 Chicken Balls with separate sweet and sour sauce (try with curry sauce instead) £8.50
73 Chicken in black bean sauce (s) £7.95
74 Chicken with cashew nut in yellow bean sauce £8.50
76 Chicken with ginger and spring onion £7.95
77 Honey chilli chicken (s) £8.25
78 Chicken curry (s) £8.25
79 Katsu Chicken curry (s) £8.95
80 Kung Po Chicken (s) £8.25
e16 Sichuan chicken (s) £8.25
e15 Crispy chilli chicken strips (s) £8.25
112 Roast duck with chinese leaf in soyabean sauce £9.25
110 Roast duck and chicken in soyabean sauce £9.95
115 Duck a l'orange £9.50


88 Beef in black bean (s) £8.75
107 Lamb in black bean (s) £8.95
89 Beef in ginger and spring onion £8.75
105 Lamb in ginger and spring onion £8.95
85 Beef chinese style £8.95
86 Crispy chilli beef strips (s) ( have you tried our crispy chilli chicken strips) £8.75
new Sichuan beef (s) £8.75
90 Beef in black pepper sauce £8.95
106 Lamb in black pepper sauce £8.95
e17 Sichuan lamb (s) £8.95
107 Sichuan 'double cooked' char sui pork (s) £8.50
118x Special Mix curry (pork, king prawns, chicken) (s) £9.75
92 Curry beef (s) £8.75
107 Curry lamb (s) £8.95
91 Beef and choi sum in oyster sauce £9.50
e23 Sizzling fillet steak chinese style £13.95
e22 Sizzling fillet steak in black pepper sauce £13.95
96 Char sui pork slices with chinese leaf in soyabean sauce £9.95
new Ma Po tofu with pork or beef (s) (a chinese favourite) £9.95

Chef specials

new Belly pork with salted mustard greens £10.50

Mongolian Beef stir fry


Mongolian Lamb stir fry

f29 Mongolian King prawn stir fry £10.95
c25 3 treasures, mashed king prawn stuffed in tofu, peppers, aubergine in black bean sauce £13.50
  Tong choi (aka morning glory), garlic or oyster sauce £8.95


120 Monk's mixed vegetables with tofu (v) £7.50
121 Seasonal choi sum in oyster or garlic (v) £7.50
122 Fine beans with cashew nut (v) £7.50
123 Mix vegetables in light soyabean sauce (v) £6.95
124 Sweet & Sour vegetables and veggie duck (v)   £6.95
new Sweet and sour Tofu (v) £7.25
126 Sweet chilli mange touts with tofu & cashew nuts (v)(s) £7.95
127 Aubergine with black bean (v)(s)  £7.75
128 Aubergine with hot garlic sauce (s) (contains fish sauce)  £7.75
129 Curry mix vegetables (v)(s)  £7.25
130 'Kun Po' Tofu with water chestnuts (v)(s)  £7.50
131 Tofu with black bean sauce (v)(s)  £7.50
132 Beansprouts with mange tout £6.50
133 Sichuan mixed vegetables or aubergine (v)(s)  £7.25
e12 Kung Po mix vegetables (v)(s) £7.50
125 'Chi yim' mix vegetables (s) £8.50
 new Honey chilli tofu (s)  £7.75
new Mix vegetables in peanut satay sauce £7.75
new Vegetarian Ma Po tofu with veggie duck (s) £8.95


140 Steamed rice (v) £2.75
141 Egg fried rice (v) £3.50
142 Mix vegetable fried rice (v) £5.50
143 Special fried rice (contains char sui pork and shrimp) £5.75
144 Chicken fried rice £5.50
145 Chicken and pineapple fried rice £5.50
146 House special mix with egg fried rice in gravy (king prawns, chicken, char sui pork and mix veg cooked with mix vegetables) £10.50
148 Mushroom fried rice (v) £5.50
e29 King Prawn fried rice £7.50
148a Singapore style fried rice (s) (veggie option available) £5.95
146 Fujian Fried rice - diced king prawns, duck, vegetables  £10.50


149 Mushroom chow mein (v) £7.95
150 Mixed vegetable chow mein (v) £7.95
151 Chow mein with beansprouts (v) £5.95
152 Chicken or Pork or Beef or Duck chow mein £8.75
153 King Prawn chow mein £9.5
154 House special mix crispy noodles in gravy (King prawns, chicken, char sui pork and mix veg cooked with mix vegetables) £9.95

Dry special chow mein (pork, king prawns, chicken)

155 Singapore rice noodles (s) pork, chicken and shrimp  £8.95
156 Vegetarian Singapore rice noodles (v)(s) £8.25
157 Vegetable Pad Thai (s) (contains fish sauce, vegetarian option available) £9.50
158 King prawn Pad Thai (s) £10.95
159 Chicken  Pad Thai (s) £9.95
new Fujian Udon Noodles - diced king prawns, duck, vegetables £10.95

(v) = vegetarian

(s) = spicy, we can reduce spice on certain dishes

S/P= seasonal price

Please notify us if you have any food allergies and please note dishes may contain traces of nut.

Prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate

A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to your bill.

Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.