Chinese New Year of the Dog

Celebrate Chinese New Year with the Kam Tong Garden.

London Based martial arts group will be performing the Traditional Lion Dance at 8:30pm on 16/2/18 and a local dance group will perform the Traditional Chinese Fan dance before and after the the Lion dance.

Please note: On Friday 16/2/18 we will only be serving the Chinese New Year Set Banquet or the Traditional Chinese menu. These Chinese New Years menus will run until 23/2/18.



2018 is the Year of the Dog


Special celebratory set banquet available from 16/2/18 to 23/2/18.

Chinese New Year's Set Banquet

£28 per person
(£30 per person on Friday 16/2/18)

 Chinese New Year Starter Platter 
Paper wrapped King Prawns, Peking ribs, Crispy seaweed, vegetable spring rolls,
King Prawn Tofu rolls, Phoenix King Prawn Toast 


2nd Course
Sichuan Crispy Aromatic Duck


3rd course - Main dishes

 Teriyaki Steak
Marinated steak cubes in a rich teriyaki sauce

Kung Po Chicken
Popular spicy sauce with mix veg

Brocolli with garlic sauce

Crab meat and chicken fried rice

For 3 or more people add;

Seafood delight
King Prawns and scallops with asparagus 

for 4 or more people add;
Beef brisket
Slow cooked Cubes of beef in a tasty casserole sauce

for 6 or more people add;
Sichaun Char sui Pork
Roasted pork slices with mix vegetables in chilli bean sauce

 For 8 or more people add;
Sizzling Satay Platter
Chicken, Beef and King Prawns in satay sauce


Traditional Chinese Menu 

801 春回大地 (时蔬小炒) Chinese veg £10.8


802 洋洋得意 (枝竹羊腩煲) Lamb hot pot with tofu sheets £13.8


803 家肥屋润 (梅菜扣肉) Belly pork with mustard green hot pot £13.8


805 花开富贵 (西兰花冬菇扒蟹肉) Broccolli , enoki mushroom with crab meat £13.8


806 年年有余 (清蒸鲈鱼) Seabasss with ginger and spring onion £23.8


807 嘻哈大笑 (干煎有头大虾)  Gon Jin tiger prawns   £23.8


808 万象更新 (鲜芦笋炒虾球带子) Scallops with asparagus   £23.8


809 新春报喜 (炸子鸡) Crispy whole chicken £13.8


810 黄金万两 (炸百花海鲜卷)  Prawn rolls £16.8


811 横财就手 (南乳猪脚) Pig trotters £18.8


812 恭贺新禧 (虾球盘带子) Scallops with butterfly prawns £16.8


815 龙马精神 (姜葱龙虾) Lobster with ginger and spring onion   £36.8


Please advise us if you have any allergies.
Prices include 20% VAT.
Discretionary 10% service charge to be added to the bill