Table Reservation

To book your table please call us on 01908560812. 
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Adults and under 16 years old who are taller than 150cm 

Under 16s who are Under 150cm Children 90cm to 100cm   


12 to 3pm

6 to 9pm

£15.95 £7.95


Friday & Saturday

5pm to 9:30pm

£16.95 £8.50 £4.25


Mother's day

12pm to 9pm

£17.95 £8.95 £4.50

We believe all dishes should be carefully prepared and we have the same processes to prepare our buffet food as we use for our a la carte.

Our philosophy has always been 'QUALITY as opposed to QUANTITY', so we take pride in preparing Chinese food.

There is a wide selection of popular dishes on our Sunday buffet. Ranging from appetisers, Crispy Aromatic Duck, main courses, noodles and rice and lots of desserts.

Although we can not tell you exactly what will be on our Buffet on any given date as the menu changes from time to time, rest assure that we cook many of the favourite dishes which are suitable for young to elderly diners.

We recommend diners start eating no later than 45 mins before buffet closes. 

There is no service charge for buffet diners.

Here is an example of what to expect on our buffets.

 Chicken & sweetcorn soup  Sesame Prawn toast  Vegetable spring rolls  Crispy seaweed
 barbeque spare ribs  chicken wings  Samosas  Prawn crackers
 Sichuan aromatic crispy duck  chicken balls  char sui pork  Honey chilli king prawns
 Chicken fillets (great with lemon sauce)  Singapore noodles  Chow mein  Special fried rice
Egg fried rice Sweet and sour Pork or chicken Chicken or beef in black bean Beef or lamb in black pepper
Chicken in ginger and spring onion Chinese or Thai curry Mushrooms in garlic Mix veg
Salt & Pepper King Prawns Satay Chicken Sichuan chicken  Mussels 
Fresh oranges fresh melon fruit salad Profiteroles
Jelly  various pastries maccaroons various ice creams
various ice lollies various cheesecakes or cakes various fruit slices  


Buffet Take away boxes available whilst the buffet is on.

500ml box £5, 650ml box £6.